Institute for Immigration Research

CIAE 2016

Immigrants, Art, and Entrepreneurial Outlook

Early in 2016, the IIR initiated a new research project with a focus on immigrant artists and the contributions they make to U.S. life.  Our pursuit of this analysis focuses on understanding artists, in particular immigrant artists, and their outlook as entrepreneurs. The terms often used for entrepreneurs - innovative, flexible, dynamic, risk taking, creative, and growth oriented - characterizes artists not in the context of business, but rather in the arts.  Through this primary area of emphasis we aim to learn from the entrepreneurial outlook of immigrant artists who create value for themselves and the communities in which they live.  

A Celebration of the Contributions of Immigrant Artists as Entrepreneurs, May 2, 2016

In an effort to experience the contributions immigrant artists provide through their entrepreneurship, the IIR held a celebration with friends from Studio PAUSE of Arlington and other members of the community.  

Diane and Monica 2016      Broad picture


To learn more about the artists featured at this event, please see the evening's 2016 Program.  


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