2018 Conference presented by the ICC & IIR


Immigrants and Community Colleges:

Opportunities and Promise

Friday, April 13, 2018

George Mason University, Fairfax Campus

Johnson Center, 3rd Floor, Meeting Room B
10:00am- 3:30pm



The deadline for registration is Friday, April 6, 2018.


10:00am: Welcome & Introduction- Jim Witte, Ph.D.
10:30am: Presentation of Immigrants and Community College Data
11:00am: Panel Discussion
12:00pm: Lunch
12:45pm: Regroup & Instructions for Focus Groups
1:00pm: Split into Focus Groups 
2:00pm: Keynote- Michelle Marks, Mason Vice President for Academic Innovation and New Ventures
2:55pm: Wrap Up

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The College of Humanities and Social Sciences Interdisciplinary Curriculum Collaborative (ICC) presents Conversations on Contemporary Issues. ICC members include the Bachelor of Individualized Study (BIS), Cultural Studies, the Higher Education Program, Master of Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS), School of Integrative Studies, and Women and Gender Studies.

The Institute for Immigration Research's (IIR) mission is to refocus the immigration conversation among academics, policy-makers and the public, including the business community and media, by producing and disseminating unbiased and objective, interdisciplinary academic research related to immigrants and immigration to the United States.

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