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45 Fact Sheets for the 45th President: Metropolitan 11

Going into 2017, and the start of a new presidential administration, our nation faces a number of key issues, not the least of which are those related to immigrants and immigration to the United States. Going forward, it is important that the new administration, and the nation, take an evidence-based approach to these issues. Toward this end, the Institute for Immigration Research's iDod team at George Mason University assembled:

Released during the course of the first 100 days of the new presidential administration, 3 bundles of fact sheets (National, State, and Metropolitan) highlight this comprehensive body of evidence on the important role immigrants have in the nation’s economic success. Our hope is that all stakeholders—at the national, state, and local levels—take this evidence to heart. Each fact sheet highlights the impact of today’s New Americans.

In the final 11 fact sheets (plus 5 bonus fact sheets) we provide information at the local level on 16 gateway communities. Click here to view the PDF.

We include metropolitan areas from different types of immigrant gateways:

Major Continuous Gateways: Boston, Chicago, New York, San Francisco

Post-WWII Gateways: Los Angeles, Dallas, Miami, Washington, D.C.

Major Emerging Gateways: Atlanta, Phoenix

Re-Emerging Gateways: Minneapolis, Philadelphia, Seattle, San Jose

Former Gateways: St. Louis, Detroit


45 for the 45th

For your own digital copy of the 45 Fact Sheets for the 45th President click on the pages and download links below.

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