The Impact of Immigrant Faculty Members on U.S. Universities and Research Institutes 

Immigrants notably perform award winning research at U.S. institutions, in addition to earning PhDs at these institutions. To further understand the impact of immigrants on institutions of higher education, the IIR conducted an analysis of the publicly available Survey of Doctorate Recipients, which is a longitudinal biennial survey conducted by the National Science Foundation to provide demographic and career information about individuals with a research doctoral degree in a science, engineering, or health field (STEM) from a U.S. academic institution. As the figure below depicts, in 1993 about 19 percent of all doctorates were awarded to immigrants, this number went up to about 24 percent in 2001 and in 2013, the number jumped to 29 percent. Doctorates in science awarded to immigrants went from about 17 percent in 1993 to about 20 percent in 2001 and 28 percent in 2013. Doctorates in computer science and mathematics awarded to immigrants underwent the largest increase, going from almost 28 percent in 1993 to about 33 percent in 2001 and more than 48 percent in 2013. For more details on these findings, download the brief below.

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