IIR Welcomes New Assistant Director

Michelle Dromgold-SermenThe Institute for Immigration Research (IIR) is excited to welcome Michelle Dromgold-Sermen. Michelle joined the IIR as Assistant Director in February 2023. In this role, she will support the institute's administration, visioning, mentoring of students, and research. She also looks forward to teaching and supporting students in Mason's Migration Policy and Advocacy Fellows program.

Michelle brings experience in teaching and mentoring undergraduate students and direct work with migrants in the United States, Germany, and Turkey. Her research focuses on U.S. immigration law and policy, legality and membership, refugee resettlement, and global migration management. Her research is interdisciplinary and adopts multiple methods including computational, qualitative, and quantitative analysis to explore diverse questions about the impacts of migration systems and administration for the experiences of migrants and citizens. She has published articles on Syrian refugees' belonging in the United States and U.S. television media's portrayal of refugees

Michelle is currently completing a Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. In her dissertation, Michelle analyzes online immigration forum posts to examine the consequences of uncertain policymaking and waiting for visa-holders in the United States who are navigating the adjustment of status process to become legal permanent residents.

On May 3, she will present findings from her dissertation research at the final IIR Colloquium of the Spring 2023 semester. We invite you to join us!

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