iDod Immigrant Profiles

iDod Immigrant Profiles by State

The IIR has produced more than 350 iDod fact sheets and spreadsheets, and you can access many of them here. Search for an iDod fact sheet or spreadsheet by state using this map. Hover over a state for data on its immigrant population; click on a state to access available iDod data.

% of state population that is foreign born
  20.1% - 27%
  14.1% - 20%
  8.1% - 14%
  5.1% - 8%
  0% - 5%

This data was prepared by the Institute for Immigration Research (IIR). 2023. Immigration Data on Demand (iDod). Sources: IPUMS USA: Version 12.0 [American Community Survey (ACS) 2016-2020 5 year averages and the United States, 1850-2020]. Minneapolis, MN: IPUMS, 2022. for data on foreign born; RPC [Refugee Processing Center Refugee Arrivals by State and Nationality]. for data on refugees.