iDod Methodology

What Goes into Making an iDod Fact Sheet?

In addition to providing a service to the community, iDod offers Graduate Research Assistants at the Institute for Immigration Research (IIR) the opportunity to refine their quantitative and geospatial research skills thorough fulfilling tailored data requests. In this way, the iDod service plays a key role in the IIR's goal to educate and mentor graduate students with the conceptual and methodological tools to be the next generation of migration researchers.

The iDod service is modeled on the academic peer review process, in which data and analysis are reviewed by Graduate Research Assistant peers along with the IIR postdoctoral researcher and Assistant Director. This thorough process of compiling a tailored factsheet ensures the accuracy and reliability of the data and analysis, while also offering Graduate Research Assistants and the IIR postdoctoral researcher opportunities to provide peer feedback and to deepen their data analysis skills, data visualization skills, and content expertise of U.S. immigration history, policies, and demographics. 

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