Immigrant Stories from the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Metro Areas

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The Immigrant Stories Project

The Immigrant Stories Project aims to provide essential information regarding the immigrant population by combining data and personal stories. Our aim is to provide rich data about various immigrant groups through fact sheets on immigrants’ contributions in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metropolitan areas; interviews conducted with immigrants; and a statistical analysis for each immigrant group. This mixed methods approach provides a more comprehensive picture, and our audience will obtain a broader view of immigrants’ vital economic and societal contributions to the metro area and to the United States as a whole.

Additional countries of origin will be included in the future.

Eirini Giannaraki, is a PhD student in Sociology at George Mason University and a Graduate Research Assistant at the Institute for Immigration Research. Eirini is responsible for conducting research and interviews and writing the profiles, fact sheets, and analyses for the Immigrant Stories project.

Dr. Dae Young Kim, Associate Professor and Director of the Undergraduate Program in Sociology at George Mason University, and his students have made a major contribution to this project. As part of a class project on race, ethnicity, and immigration, students conducted in-depth interviews with immigrants in the Washington-Baltimore metropolitan region. Under Professor Kim’s guidance, students developed their research skills and expanded their understanding of important public and social issues, fulfilling Mason’s mission of developing research skills during their undergraduate studies.