Request an iDod Fact Sheet or Spreadsheet

Immigration Data on Demand (iDod) allows you to choose the data you want so that we can create a customized fact sheet or spreadsheet. To get started, review the Terms and Conditions and then click on the Request Form. You will be asked to:

  • Provide basic information about you and how you'd like to use the data
  • Choose the area of the United States you want to look at (a state, county, metropolitan area, or city)
  • Choose whether you'd like to compare data from two different geographic areas
  • Choose what data you want. You can choose from a list of variables such as age, education, home ownership, or income.
  • Choose whether you want your data in the form of a fact sheet or a spreadsheet.

After you make a request, we will contact you to confirm that we understand your request and are able to provide all of the data you requested. Then we create a custom fact sheet or spreadsheet for you.

Fill out a Request Form today!