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Greek Immigrants in the United States

There are an estimated 123,790 Greek immigrants in the United States. The highest concentration of Greek immigrants reside in the northeastern region of the United States. The five states with the highest share of Greek immigrants are New Hampshire (1%), Massachusetts (0.8%), Connecticut (0.8%), Delaware (0.7%), and Illinois (0.7%).  Greek immigrants have been in the United States considerably longer than all other immigrants in the country, with half (50%) of Greek immigrants having immigrated to the United States between 1960 and 1979. 

map of Greek immigrants in the United States

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Meet a Greek Immigrant 

Dr. Antonios Anastasopoulos is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science and Engineering at George Mason University. He was born and raised in Greece, where he moved between Athens and a small local village where his family lived. Dr. Anastasopoulos completed his primary, secondary, and undergraduate education in Athens before moving to the United States to complete his PhD in 2014. He has been an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at George Mason University since August 2020. He shared that he wishes more people understood that immigration is “often not a choice” and that “even if you're immigrating to be a professor at the top institution, that doesn't make it any easier…that [it] is…still hard.” 

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