Netherlands: Immigrant Stories

Immigrants from the Netherlands in the United States

With an estimated 99,827 immigrants from the Netherlands across the United States, this national origin group makes up less than one percent of the total immigrant population in the United States. The highest percentages of immigrants from the Netherlands are in northern New England and parts of the central Northwest. Immigrants from the Netherlands arrived much earlier compared to all other immigrants in the United States. Over 68 percent of immigrants from the Netherlands arrived prior to 1999, with a median year of immigration of 1984 (over a decade earlier than the median year of immigration for all other origin groups, 1999).

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Meet an Immigrant from the Netherlands

Meta Evenbly and her husband first immigrated from the Netherlands to Canada in 1957 and then to the United States in 1966. As an immigrant, Meta started a family and raised five children. She now resides in Dallas, Texas, and her eldest child, Caroline Evenbly Crocker, sat down in the Institute for Immigration Research office in Fairfax on November 7, 2023 to tell the immigration story of her mother and her father.

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