The Caribbean: Immigrant Stories

Caribbean Immigrants in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Metro Areas

There are approximately 83,400 Caribbean immigrants living in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metro areas. The largest estimated numbers are from Jamaica (29,034), followed by Trinidad and Tobago (16,154), the Dominican Republic (13,814), Haiti (8,114), and Cuba (6,599). The largest numbers of Caribbean immigrants are found in Prince George’s County, MD (22,965), Montgomery County, MD (16,797) and the District of Columbia (8,415).

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Meet a Cuban Immigrant

Born in Cuba in 1952, Dr. Juan Weiss arrived in the United States in 1961 after fleeing the communist dictatorship in Cuba. Growing up in a poor family and disadvantaged neighborhood in Miami, FL, he used education as a tool to negotiate a path out of abject poverty. Dr. Weiss graduated from medical school and became a licensed pediatrics board certified physician and later specialized in Infectious diseases. He accomplished this in spite of a life in poverty, numerous obstacles, and very limited resources. As an immigrant he contributed to society both as a physician and as a teacher. His last position was as a faculty member of the School of Health Sciences at ECPI University where he taught medical courses and at times also served as a pro bono physician at the Manassas free medical clinic. Dr. Weiss contributed a major scientific discovery on HIV/AIDS which was published in a prominent medical journal and is now listed in a chronological bibliography of the most important contributions to the world’s literature on medicine and related sciences of the past 4,000 years. Dr. Weiss became a U.S. citizen in 1975.

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