Bolivia: Immigrant Stories

Bolivian Immigrants in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Metro Areas

There are approximately 31,200 Bolivian immigrants living in the Washington, DC and Baltimore metro areas. Forty-six percent of them are male and 54 percent are female. The largest numbers of Bolivian immigrants are found in Fairfax County, VA (15,000), Montgomery County, MD (4,400) and Arlington County, VA (4,000).  

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Meet a Bolivian Immigrant

Angela is a second generation Bolivian immigrant in her 30s. She was born in Rockville, MD and moved to Olney, MD when she was 9 years old. Angela currently works for a firm in Maryland and has a 12 year old child. This interview sheds light to Angela’s relation with her Bolivian and American identity from her childhood until today. It provides valuable information about her experiences growing up in an English speaking home, even though both of her parents were Bolivian immigrants and how she rediscovered her Bolivian identity.

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