China: Immigrant Stories

Chinese Immigrants in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD Metro Areas

There are approximately 70,100 Chinese immigrants living in the Washington, DC and Baltimore, MD metro areas. The largest numbers of Chinese immigrants are found in Montgomery County, MD (21,539), Fairfax County, VA (14,640) and Howard County, MD (5,952).

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Meet a Chinese Immigrant

Peter Chang was born in 1963 in a small farming village in Hubei Province in central China. Chang is the oldest of three children in the family. His father practiced traditional medicine and his mother worked as a farmer. “I never thought I could become a chef,” Chang said. He went to the culinary school and, when he graduated with outstanding grades, he was assigned to work on a luxury cruise ship transporting international visitors on the Yangtze River. Then Chang started working at 5-star hotels in China and won national cooking competitions. He and his family arrived in the United States in April, 2001. Today, Chang owns multiple Chinese restaurants in the Washington, DC metro area including Mama Chang in Fairfax, VA. It features recipes by Chang’s wife and mother and honors the women in Chang’s family for their influences in Chang’s culinary career.  “It focuses on home-cooked meals and reminds people so much of what they had growing up,” according to Chang.  

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