Immigrant Olympians


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Immigrants' Pivotal Role in TeamUSA's Olympic Success

IIR Program Coordinator Michele Waslin published an op ed in The Hill describing how the United States’s resources, training facilities, coaching and athletic excellence attract top athletes from around the world, and our generous immigration system is a big part of our Olympic success story.


Foreign-Born Olympians

Tokyo 2021

At least 33 of the TeamUSA Olympians were not born here, but have made the United States their home and proudly represent this country. Thirteen hail from Europe, followed by seven from Asia, six from Africa, five from the Americas, and two from Australia. These foreign-born athletes comprise approximately five percent of the US delegation and represent the best of US athletics from track and field to equestrian, fencing, table tennis, volleyball, water polo, and 15 additional sports. These international athletes take a variety of paths to arrive in the United States, and they contribute to the overall success of TeamUSA.

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