Saluting our 2020 Graduating Students

The graduates of 2020 share an experience unlike graduates in years past, and the College of Humanities and Social Sciences salutes their tenacity, flexibility, and determination in marching across the finish line of graduation. We also recognize a remarkable group of 2020 fall graduates who have been nominated by their departments for academic achievement, contributions to their fields of study, and involvement with the Mason community.

Meet the college's outstanding undergraduate students:

Nivedita Anjaria
Abby Butler-Cefalo
Jill Dail
Sofie Eklund Therkelsen
Cory Jack
Melinda Kong
Kanghyun Kwon
Alexander Naumov
Stephany Piepert
Rhett Russell
Anthony Scanzo-Masiero
Carl Willis
Ana Zevallos

Meet the college's outstanding graduate students:

Alysia Blake
Courtney Boone
Sara Debus-Sherrill
Matthew Delgado
Julie Evans
Melissa Howell
Peter Jacobsen
Courtney Marx
Sahureli Mendoza Khoury
Lawrence Minnis
Di Pei
Turner Penton
Kara Simmons