Horizon has arrived!

We are pleased to present the most recent edition of the college’s Horizon news-zine: https://to.gmu.edu/Horizon Fall 2022

We continue to share news that highlights the work of our faculty, staff, students, and alumni, with a focus on student success, research, teaching, and college-to-career. We hope that you will share your news with us so that we might be able to feature it and you in a future publication. Please contact Anne Reynolds at areyno12@gmu.edu or Kristen Koehler, the college's assistant dean for strategic communications and marketing, at kkoehle@gmu.edu. 

As we look forward to future publications, we are interested in hearing from you about your own alma maters' communications. Does your college or university do something that you love to see? Please send any links to Anne, or drop it into inter-office mail (the dean's office is Mail Stop 3A3).