New Immigration Data on Demand (iDod) Fact Sheets - March 2024

The Institute for Immigration Research (IIR) provides the public, academics, and policy-makers with tailored analysis of U.S. Census data through its Immigration Data on Demand (iDod) service.

In recent months, the IIR iDod team responded to several requests for data on the foreign born across the United States. This included state-level analysis of immigrants in New York and analysis of ethnic Asian immigrants at the state and county levels in the State of Maryland and Montgomery County

Immigrants in New York

New York ranks third among the 50 states and D.C. in terms of the percentage of immigrants in the state population. About a quarter of the state population of New York (NY) are immigrants, but there are substantial differences across the counties. In several counties closer to New York City, about one-third of the population is foreign born, while the share is less than 5 percent in most counties in the northern and western parts of the state. Interestingly, in terms of age and education, immigrants in NY are representative of immigrants in the United States. Our most recent and past iDod reports about immigrants in NY are available online.

Immigrants in New York

Ethnic Asian Immigrants in Maryland and Montgomery County

Many ethnic Asians reside in Montgomery County in Maryland: one in every six persons in the county is ethnically Asian, compared to only 6 percent in the rest of the United States. About two-thirds of ethnic Asians in Maryland and the rest of the United States are first-generation immigrants. India and China are the most common countries of birth among Asian immigrants in Maryland, with about a fifth of Asian immigrants originating from each of these two countries.  Asian immigrants in Maryland and Montgomery County are also similar to immigrants in the rest of the United States in terms of countries of birth and year of immigration. Find out more about immigrants in Maryland

Ethnic Asian Immigrants in Maryland

About iDod

Immigration Data on Demand (iDod) fact sheets demonstrate how immigrants contribute to the economy and society of the United States. Ultimately, the goal of iDod is to connect people with accurate data on immigrant populations. 

In addition to providing a service to the community, iDod offers Graduate Research Assistants at the IIR the opportunity to refine their quantitative and geospatial research skills thorough fulfilling tailored data requests. In this way, the iDod service plays a key role in the IIR's goal to train and equip graduate students with the conceptual and methodological tools to be the next generation of migration researchers.

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