IIR January 2014 Colloquium with Dr. Jane Henrici

This colloquium, led by Dr. Jane Henrici, focused on answering questions such as: How are migration and immigration to and within the United States gendered issues, and do they affect women differently from men? How are migration and immigration relevant to issues of health, disability, and aging, and how are these issues gendered and distinct for native and foreign-born women compared to native and foreign-born men? 

Dr. Henrici is a Study Director at the Institute for Women's Policy Research. For her full bio and to learn more about IWPR visit http://www.iwpr.org/about/staff-and-board/jane-henrici.

This event is part of the Institute for Immigration Reserach [IIR] monthly Colloquium Series. The IIR Colloquium Series brings together researchers, academics, and policy contributors to share their work related to immigration with GMU faculty, students, staff, and the surrounding communities.

For a "Read Only" powerpoint slides of the presentation: Gender and Migration Issues in U.S. Policy and Planning