Immigration and Women: Understanding the American Experience

"Immigration and Women: Understanding the American Experience," is a book by Susan C. Pearce, Elizabeth J. Clifford, and Reena Tandon.  Authors Susan C. Pearce and Elizabeth J. Clifford were a guest speakers at the Institute for Immigration Research (IIR) February 26, 2014 colloquium. View their presentation below.

"Immigration and Women: Understanding the American Experience" is a national portrait of immigrant women who live in the United States today, featuring the voices of these women as they describe their contributions to work, culture, and activism.

This event was part of the Institute for Immigration Reserach [IIR] monthly Colloquium Series. IIR Colloquium Series brings together researchers, academics, and policy contributors to share their work related to immigration with GMU faculty, students, staff and the surrounding communities. 


IIR Colloquium Series: Immigration and Women from GMU-TV on Vimeo.