Marissa Kiss

Marissa Kiss

Marissa Kiss

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Marissa Kiss, PhD, earned her doctorate in Sociology at George Mason University in 2020. Her dissertation, Baseball: The (Inter) National Pastime, examined immigrant Major League Baseball players and immigration policy. Her primary research interests include inequality, immigration, media studies, and sports.

Selected Publications

Witte, J. and Kiss, M. (2022, July 26). Immigrant athletes can become agents of change. Richmond Times-Dispatch. Available at:

Smith, E. and Kiss, M. (2021, April 1). Why are there so few Black American players in MLB 74 years after Jackie Robinson took the field? The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Hattery, A.J., Kiss, M., Smith, E. (2019). Always the Bridesmaid and Never the Bride: Women’s and Minorities Coaching Opportunities in Intercollegiate Sports. Journal of Higher Education Athletics & Innovation, 1(5):37-47. DOI:

Kiss, M., Del Principe, S., and Taxman, F.S. (2019). “Traditional and Innovative Reentry Approaches and Interventions.” In the Wiley International Handbook of Correctional Psychology, edited by D. Polaschek, A. Day, and C. Hollin. West Sussex, UK: Wiley.

Smith, J., Pocratsky, B., Kiss, M., and Suero, C. (2019). “The Tough Chick Genre: Netflix’s Serialized Exposition of Jessica Jones” In the Netflix at the Nexus: Content, Practice, and Production in the Age of Streaming Television edited by T. Plothe and A. Buck.

Witte, J.C. and Kiss, M. (2019). “Predicting the Outcome of the 2019 MLB All-Star Game: Immigrant Ball Players Are a Key Factor”, InsideSources. Available at:

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Wooditch, A, Mbaba, M., Kiss, M., Lawson, W., Taxman, F., and Altice, F.L. (2017). Housing Experiences among Opioid-Dependent, Criminal Justice-Involved Individuals in Washington, D.C. Journal of Urban Health, 1-10. doi: 10.1007/s11524-017-0156-z.

Witte, J., Kiss, M. and Lynn, R (2013). “The Internet and social inequalities in the U.S.” Pp. 67-84 in The Digital Divide: The Internet and social inequality in international perspective, edited by M. Ragnedda and G.W. Muschert. New York, NY: Routledge.

In the Media

Kiss, M. and Witte, J.C. (2020, May 22). America’s International Pastime [Radio broadcast]. With Good Reason Radio.

Starr, Stephen (2020, September 14). Can Small-Town America Survive Pandemic's Hit to Minor League Baseball? OZY.