Institute for Immigration Research


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  • Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Middle Eastern culture and society, ethnography, immigration, gender and feminist studies, Middle Eastern diaspora communities in the United States, political and social activism among Palestinian women

  • Ozlem  Alioglu Turker

    Ozlem Alioglu Turker

    Visiting Researcher

    Immigrant Artists, International Migration, Integration Theories, Immigration Policies


  • Hilal Barin

    Hilal Barin

    Visiting Researcher

    International Migration and Immigration Policies, Migration Studies,Integration Theories,lslamophobia

  • Amy L Best

    Amy L Best


    Sociology of everyday life, social inequalities, feminist and qualitative approaches to social research, youth and gender, sociology of food


  • John G. Dale

    John G. Dale

    Associate Professor

    political sociology; economic sociology; social movements; globalization; transnational networks; sociology of human rights; law & transnational conflict; urban sociology; critical sociology of development; comparative & historical sociology; (Area Specialist in Burma/Myanmar).

  • Shannon N Davis

    Shannon N Davis

    Associate Professor

    Sociology of families and intimate relationships, gender ideologies, gender inequality, research methods

  • Sean Doody

    Sean Doody

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Political economy, labor, class, comparative and historical sociology, social theory


  • Mehtab S. Karim

    Mehtab S. Karim

    Research Professor

  • Katie Kerstetter

    Katie Kerstetter


    poverty and inequality, education, health disparities, and community-based and participatory approaches to research

  • Dae Young Kim

    Dae Young Kim

    Associate Professor

    Immigration, ethnicity, race, Asian American studies, and globalization

  • Marissa Kiss

    Marissa Kiss

    Graduate Research Assistant

  • Bianca Kwan

    Bianca Kwan

    OSCAR Research Assistant



  • Ismail Nooraddini

    Ismail Nooraddini

    Quantitative and qualitative research methods, family, immigration, and child development.


  • Elizabeth "Lizzy" Portaluppi

    Elizabeth "Lizzy" Portaluppi

    Web Communications Coordinator

    gender, immigration, social media

  • Louise Puck

    Louise Puck

    Day laborers, credentials and human capital, immigration policies, immigrant integration including concepts of social capital, English proficiency, socioeconomic attainment, interview techniques and data collection methods for both qualitative and quantitative research methods.



  • Wenjing Wang

    Wenjing Wang

    Anthropology: Social Complexity and Inequality, Social Interaction, Regional Demographic Analysis, Population Centralization and Decentralization, Quantitative and Spatial Analysis

  • Michele Waslin

    Michele Waslin

    Program Coordinator, Institute for Immigration Research

  • James Witte

    James Witte


    Director, Institute for Immigration Research

    Use of the world wide web to collect survey data, comparison of online and off line societies


  • Andrea K Zach

    Andrea K Zach

    Adjunct Faculty

    Political economy, critical theory, immigration, theories of nationalism & citizenship.