Graduate Assistants

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  • Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Rasmieyh R Abdelnabi

    Graduate Teaching Assistant

    Middle Eastern culture and society, ethnography, immigration, gender and feminist studies, Middle Eastern diaspora communities in the United States, political and social activism among Palestinian women

  • Abdullah F Al-Nassar

    Abdullah F Al-Nassar

    Graduate Research Assistant


  • Sean Doody

    Sean Doody

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Political economy, labor, class, platform capitalism, technology, historical sociology, social theory.



  • Mohamed Mohamed

    Mohamed Mohamed

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Sociology of Religion, Politics of the Middle East, Islamism, Religious Education, Religious Institutions

  • Farhaj Murshed

    Farhaj Murshed

    OSCAR Research Assistant


  • Ismail Nooraddini

    Ismail Nooraddini

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Quantitative and qualitative research methods, family, immigration, and child development.