Graduate Assistants

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  • Maira Arantes Rodrigues

    Maira Arantes Rodrigues

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Latin America, globalization, digital history, immigration, cultural and political history


  • Jessica Benitez

    Jessica Benitez

    Undergraduate Assistant

    Education Access and Inequities; Family and Crime; Social Policy; Community Organization and Mobilization


  • Fanni Farago

    Fanni Farago

    Graduate Research Assistant

    sociology of education, immigration, life course transitions, emotions, health, applied sociology, and mixed-methods research


  • Ayman Habib

    Ayman Habib

    Undergraduate Assistant

    Immigration, Refugee Advocacy, Migration, Higher Education Access, South Asian Diaspora

  • Umida Hashimova

    Umida Hashimova

    Graduate Research Assistant

    International migration, Central Asia, soft power, mixed-method research


  • Tharuna Kalaivanan

    Tharuna Kalaivanan

    Graduate Professional Assistant

    Higher Education; Workplace; Culture; Social Stratification; Student Experiences; Lived Experiences; Race, Class, and Gender; Identity; Second-Generation Immigrants; First-Generation College Students; Asian Americans; Women; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Belonging; Educational Transitions; Qualitative Methods; Mixed-Methods; Applied Research; Evaluation.


  • Zikun Li

    Zikun Li

    Graduate Research Assistant

    sport for development and peace (SDP), globalization of sport, sport and immigration & refugees


  • Ismail Nooraddini

    Ismail Nooraddini

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Qualitative and quantitative research methods


  • Kevin Nazar Pastor

    Kevin Nazar Pastor

    Graduate Lecturer

    Sociology of Globalization, Transnationalism, Human Rights, Sociology of Development, International Politics, Social Movements, Migration, Latin America and US International Relations, Indigenous Peoples' Rights, The Collective Unconscious


  • Kellie S. Wilkerson

    Kellie S. Wilkerson

    Graduate Research Assistant

    Applied Sociology/Evaluation Research, Globalization, Sociology of Education, Statistics/Quantitative Methodology